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Within PB Packaging a number of manufacturing facilities support the packaging business. These include the following:

Australian Bottle Manufacturers

Established in 1995, we are a custom and stock moulder of extrusion blow and two stage PET moulded plastic products located in South East Queensland.

Our manufacturing facility operates twenty four hours a day, five days a week, and consists of a large compliment of machinery capable of producing up to 25 litres.

Our management and technical staff have over 90 years of hands-on polymer moulding experience between them. Accordingly, we have the expertise and skills to mould any requirement in extrusion blow moulding technologies within our equipment capacity, and have the skills to assist our customers with product and tooling design from inception through to production.

Our geographic location presents no competitive disadvantage to interstate customers, with competitive back-freight rates available to us from Queensland. We currently supply an extensive array of customers across Australia and export to New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Apart from being able to assist with custom moulding requirements, we have built an extensive range of proprietary stock products which include a large range of bottles, jerry cans and cubes.


Operating since 1985 and with a combined knowledge of over 100 years, Sydney based Bev-cap are designers and manufacturers of world class closure systems including a full range of closures to suit PET bottles in the 28mm and 38mm sizes.

In Bev-caps stock range, aside form the standard water closures, Bev-cap have an extensive array of sports caps in single, two and three piece configurations as well as various cups, tubs and spoons used in the food industry. Bev-cap produces and offers decoration of packaging for the oil and grease industry including cartridges and tubs and also mould PET preforms used extensively in the bottled water household, food and personal care arenas. Servicing both Australia wide and various export destinations, Bev-cap with its 25 plus injection moulders complete with ISO accreditation is a quality injection moulding shop.


Blowcon was founded in 1985, with two sites in Melbourne it is a specialist blow moulder with capacity to produce containers from 5mL through to 5 Litre. In addition to an extensive range of stock bottles in HDPE, PP and PVC materials, Blowcon offer custom moulding facilities capable of both standard and Dangerous Goods. Decoration services are also available including screen printing, and application of self adhesive labels.

With a combined experience base of in excess of 100 years, Blowcon are capable of producing as little as 5,000 units at a time and are a specialist in small and unique runs!


Closure-Technology was established 28 years ago and is a specialist in the FMCG market with extensive reach into food and personal care. High tech production capabilities including state of the art in-line wadding and robot packing ensure a quality moulded product.

As an industry innovator, Closure Technology is committed to a mission of producing closures that not only meet packaging needs, but are directed toward the future needs of a growing market.

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