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Our commitment to you, our valued Customers, is to use our experience in Packaging since 1979 and our expertise to provide you with quality Equipment and Supplies sourced from the very best Manufacturers, both internationally and in Australia, at competitive prices, with the very best service support from our dedicated Sales and Service Department.

We are continually striving to add Equipment and Products to our extensive Range which will help with your own Store and Despatch.

Our In-House Technicians are highly qualified, experienced, and certified.

Our Range of Services

We have the following service offerings across our range of equipment.

  • MACHINERY SALES: we distribute throughout Australia.
  • WARRANTY: new machines - 12 months parts & labour supported by our experienced technicians.
  • ONGOING MAINTENANCE: maximises production and reduces the risk of down time.
  • SERVICE: we maintain a large quantity of spare parts to support the equipment we sell.
  • EQUIPMENT HIRE: available on our range of equipment.
  • MACHINERY CONSUMABLE DEALS: an ongoing program to our regular consumable customers.
  • MACHINERY HIRE & LEASING: we make the application on behalf of our customers.
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