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Packaging Machines & Systems

Pro-Pac sells and services a full range of Packaging Tools, Machines and Systems, including Stretch Wrapping Machines, Strapping Tools & Machines, Carton Taping Machines, Shrink Wrapping Sealers and Tunnels, Skin and Blister Packing Machines, Bagging and Bag Sealing Machines, Gummed Paper Tape Dispensers, Staplers and Stapling Machines, Inflatable Pillow and Bubble Wrap systems.

We support you with technical and repair service and factory parts for all packaging tools, machines and systems we sell, as well as many other manufactures' equipment.

Stretch Wrapping Tools & Machines

Pro-Pac are able to supply, service and maintain Lantech, RA Technology and our own Pro-Tect® Stretch Wrapping Machines. We are able to assist customers with the selection of the most cost effective wrapping solution as well as providing technical expertise with the installation and ongoing service.

  • Hand Stretch Wrap Dispensers
  • Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers
    • High Profile Turntable
    • Low Profile Turntable
    • Rotary Tower Wrappers
    • Robot Wrappers
  • Fully Automatic Stretch Wrappers
    • Non-Conveyorized Systems
    • Conveyorized Systems

Strapping Tools & Machines

Pro-Pac sells and supports steel and plastic strapping tools and machines. We sell a number of products including the OMS range of automatic heads and machines, OMS strapping tools and we sell and support the Bandomatic line of cost effective, full featured and reliable semi-automatic strapping machines. Our sales team will be happy to look at your application and requirements and recommend the optimal tools and machines to handle it.

  • Steel & Plastic Strapping Hand Tools
    • Tensioners & Sealers
    • Seal and Sealless Combo Tools
    • Magazine Tools
    • Pneumatic & Battery Power Tools
  • Strapping Machines
    • Table Top Semi-Auto Strappers
    • Side & Bottom Seal Arch Type
    • Semi-Automatic Strappers
    • Fully Automatic Strapping Machines
    • Special Purpose Pallet Strappers & Unitizers

Shrink Wrapping Machines & Systems

Pro-Pac sells and supports a number of well-known shrink wrapping and shrink bundling systems. Let us review your application and requirements and make a recommendation on what system or type of system will best meet your needs. We will also match the right polyolefin or PVC shrink film to your application and equipment.

  • Semi Automatic Sealer/Shrink Tunnel Systems
    • One Piece Semi Automatic Sealer/Shrink tunnel Combo Units
    • Semi Automatic L Sealers and Shrink Tunnels
    • Combo L Sealer and Shrink Tunnel Systems
  • Automatic L Sealer/Shrink Tunnel Systems
  • In Line Automatic Form, Fill, Seal Systems
  • Shrink Bundling Sealer & Shrink Tunnel Systems

Carton Sealing/Taping Machines

We feature Pro-Tect case taping machines and systems which offer excellent performance and durability at a competitive price. Let us review your application and recommend a case taping solution to handle your full range of cartons with the degree of automation needed to achieve the throughput you require.

  • Uniform Adjustable Semi Automatic Case Tapers
    • Side Belt Drive
    • Top & Bottom Belt Drive
  • Random Semi Automatic Case Tapers
    • Side Belt Drive
    • Top & Bottom Belt Drive
  • Fully Automatic Uniform and Random Case Tapers
  • Tape Head Replacements
  • Stainless Steel Available

Other Machinery and Systems

  • Biodegradable Void Fill Bulk Silo Dispensing Systems
  • Bubble Wrap and Air Pillow Inflating Systems
  • Paper Cushioning Systems
  • Heat Sealers
  • Staple Guns & Machines
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