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The Vision of Pro-Pac is to be the supplier of choice for all of a company’s packaging needs. This is based on the range of products we source and supply as well as exceptional service, the highest level of packaging expertise and genuine economic benefits to our customers, partners, and shareholders.

Our Mission is to provide world class quality products and services as measured and rated by our customers.

We are both obligated and desire to develop our employees, meet our customers' needs, and provide an equitable return to our shareholders. We make every business decision based on how we would want that service provided to ourselves.

Every Pro-Pac employee is expected to commit to our philosophy in the performance of his or her daily tasks.

We will continually improve each area of our business through the creative involvement of our greatest resource, OUR PEOPLE.

Our commitment is supported by a wide range of quality products, a network of vertically-integrated resources and most importantly, employees who are dedicated to our customers.

We BELIEVE very strongly in the conservation of our environment, its resources and the recycling of as much product as possible. We BELIEVE in living the practice of "reduce", "reuse", "recover" and "recycle". These four practices are at the centre of our commitment to a better environment. Wherever possible we endeavour to provide environmentally friendly solutions to our customers, whether these are in the form of biodegradable voidfill, plastics alternatives and formulas and/or an effort to reduce the amount or type of packaging a customer requires.. We recognise that protecting the environment is the responsibility of us all.

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