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Free Packaging Audit

As a result of our unique combination of skills and expertise, PPG can offer large and small customers a free consultancy service called the Packaging Audit.

The Packaging Audit involves a team of experts evaluating all packaging used within your company. Reviewing work-flow, labour involved, type of products and finally shipping mechanisms enable us to provide alternate packaging solutions. PPG are also able to offer environmentally friendly solutions to meet company specific targets.

The aim of the packaging audit is to identify current packaging, current shortfalls or issues with the packaging, identify alternate solutions and expected benefits both from a customer satisfaction and cost perspective.

The packaging audit would cover but not be limited to the following areas:

  • Product Package Design - Packaging Material
  • Product Fragility - Packaging Assembly Line Processes
  • Documentation - Packaging Line Equipment
  • Specifications - Testing Standards
  • BOM's - Product & Package Handling
  • Packaging Instructions - Material Flow
  • Materials Environmental Impact - Stacking & Storage Requirements
  • Quality Issues - Trailer Loading Procedures
  • Shipping Methods - Field Damage Reports
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